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About Language Center

Mandarin Training Center (MTC) was established in 2009.In 2011, the center began offering Mandarin classes for foreign students. The program contains both a language and a culture component. Each course has a 20-student maximum, grouped by ability level. The culture courses will introduce students to the following subjects: (i) calligraphy, seal cutting, tea ceremony offered by the Institute of Chinese Studies, (ii)Chinese food preparation offered by the Department of Hospitality Management, as well as (iii) Taiwanese fabric weaving offered by the Department of Fashion Imaging. In addition to courses, the Long-Huo Gallery and the Zhui-Feng Poetry Wall, which regularly exhibit the masterpieces of famous calligraphers and poets, provide further opportunities for foreign students to experience Chinese culture.
In response to increasing interest in learning the Chinese language throughout the world: We have the Institute of Chinese Studies, the Institute of Chinese Literature, and the Taichung Education Center. We have a complete group of faculty members who will guide visiting students through the beauty of Chinese culture and tradition in this “green”, “organic”, and “healthy ”environment.

Long-Huo Gallery Zhui-Feng Poetry Wall