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The Surface Engineering Research Center (SERC) in Mingdao University is a combination of professional teachers of material, energy, optoelectronics, information, and design fields from MINGDAO University. The aim is to integrate system and surface engineering technologies, such as nano, thin films, coatings, plasma and vacuum technologies, to develop various industrial surface processing facilities for technology transfer. Basing on the past 15 year experiences in surface engineering, including plasma enhanced chemical and physical vapor deposition (PECVD and PVD) technologies, the creative and innovative technologies have always been the key strategy of SERC. The SERC has transferred many generations of the coating equipments and processing technologies for various industrial applications, also including nano-device fabrication technology.  

2011 New Advanced Vacuum Coating System Developed by SERC 
All New Computerized Auto Controlled PVD System
2.5D operation interface of coating procedures
Advanced nanocomposite hard coatings
Special coating design and production for customers