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Highlight of Departments
Welcome to the Department of Finance at MingDao University. The Department of Finance is established in August 2007. Along with the basic financial management courses, two specialized programs focusing on financial marketing and innovation, as well as portfolio management are available for students who are interested in obtaining theoretical and practical skills and knowledge.All this is to prepare our students for their future career.
Ideas and goals
To cope with the challenges in the highly dynamic and changing business environment in the 21st century, the Department of Finance encourages students to receive a solid grounding in traditional liberal arts courses along with their intensive study in basic business management and advanced financial concepts and practice. In the related management field all over the schools in Taiwan, the Department of Finance stands as a champion. Students of this department can find jobs more easily than those of other departments. Hence, our mission is to be Taiwan’s premiere provider of quality education in banking, security and insurance, enabling our students to succeed in their individual career and life goals. Our faculty is committed to providing the highest quality educational experience to our undergraduates in an amazing and student -friendly campus.
The Department of Finance aims at finance professionals in all aspects. It trains our students to gain skills inside and outside the classroom, conduct independent research, complete optional internships at private or public institutions, develop leadership skills through selected activities, as well as learn how to manage their future careers. We want our students to be high-level financial experts. The curriculums incorporate both theory and practice. In addition to the excellent academic staff in various financial fields, we invite managers from banks, security and insurance companies to share their experiences with our students to enhance their competitiveness.
In order to achieve our mission, our department has six characteristics:
1. Integrating Theoretical and Practical Education:
We develop one basic financial core program with two selective programs, including financial marketing and innovation, as well as portfolio management program. Every student, based on his/her career planning, has to choose one of the selective programs, i.e., one as major and the other as minor, to meet the requirements of his/her degree. Consequently, some experienced directors in the fields of finance instruct the practical programs to teach students to catch the financial theoretical and practical applications.
2. Strengthening the International Finance Operation Ability:
Our department goes through the international financial courses, such as International Finance and Exchange, International Financial Management and Financial Markets, to enhance students’ international financial knowledge and operation skills.
3. Emphasizing on Financial Laws and Relevant Regulations:
Graduates are prepared to be professional, entrepreneurial, academic, and reliable leaders or managers who understand the complexities involved in business decision-making, the interface of business and policy, as well as the importance of social responsibility and ethics in business.
4. Equipped with Information Infrastructure and Real Financial Exchange Environment:
Our department sets up a specific financial operation classroom and several laboratories in order to receive real-time financial information that is released through local and campus servers with our network servers. This practical and situational teaching environment is exclusively available for the use of our students.
5. Cultivating Foreign Language Ability:
While finance has been getting increasingly competitive and globalized, financial industries have become more important than ever before. Our department puts emphasis on stuendts’ English competenie in listening, speaking, reading and writing via diverse courses, e.g., “Management English” and “Professional English in Finance”.
6. Obtaining the Professional Licenses and Certificates:
The professional licenses and certificates are the threshold of the future careers. In addition to all of the above, our department encourages students to take various tests to get professional licenses and financial certificates. Students are provided with extra instructors/tutors to help them prepare the tests. Students who pass the test will get rewards, e.g., prizes and subsidies.